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  • This month at Nirvana; March Progress Report
    Posted by Raoul March 2

    Here's yet another long overdue progress report on WeedPortal 2. My apologies for not reaching out to you any sooner. We have been lacking in communication and I am going to change that. Starting off today, I will post an update biweekly. 

    Something that should be said; we absolutely love all of you. The community here is simply amazing and we have no intention of shutting it down. We are still (very slowly) working on an improved version.

    The radio silence
    We detected some vulnerabilities and usability issues on the shop by the end of December. We immediately shifted priorities away from the portal to the shop. This should have been communicated earlier, my apologies for leaving you all hanging and not delivering on promises. 

    In the meantime
    We noticed stability issues the current portal. From now on, the server has minor downtime around 7:30 AM every day (CET). This should fix the slow response times and such. Our recent developments took place on our shop, with changes such as: 

    Several new Anniversary strains
    “My Account” improvements
    Simplified Product Reviews and are actively rewarding them
    Improved Password recovery trial
    Tons of technical changes.. 

    The situation now
    Out of our small development team of 3 developers, I am the only developer that can work on the portal. We finally have reached a point that we shift priorities away from the shop. From now on, I am going to work on the portal for at least 1 day a week.

    The teasers are still very relevant:

    Login, activity feed and Experts
    Media, Pictures, Videos
    Portrait -Title & badges

    What’s next

    Settings/Profile finishing touches 
    Reporting and moderation
    private messaging
    "Live updates"
    "Experience points"
    desktop version 

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