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  • Progress report WeedPortal 2
    Posted by Raoul October 24, 2019

    Here's a long overdue progress report on WeedPortal 2. It's a later than I hoped for as we've shifted the priorities of development from WeedPortal to the shop a few months ago.

    I should've communicated this a lot earlier, I'm sorry..

    One of the priorities was improving our store and product pages. Tons of logistic work, negotiating and price drops. And as of today, most of our products have lower prices and show more detailed specifications with THC and CBD values. There are some other priorities left, after these are completed I can finally continue on WeedPortal.

    What's the status on WeedPortal so far?

    We have completely created our own platform from ground up with a mobile-first design approach. The website/application is still work in progress. Activity Feed, "Experts", "Media", Profile pages, customizable avatars and settings are close to being finished. The system (API) is close to being finished, it's mostly sanitizing.

    What work still has to be done?

    A mentioned above, most of the features need finishing touches. "Experience points", "Live updates" and private messaging are still in the works. On top of that, the portal still requires several important features such as a desktop version, reporting and moderation.

    When could WeedPortal 2 release?

    It's extremely difficult to give any accurate timeframe. I am currently the only developer working on WeedPortal, so it isn't going as fast as I hoped it would. WeedPortal is our passion project and luckily the boss wants to launch WeedPortal 2 beta before 2020.

    After the completion of the 'basic features', we will be release a public beta.
    So you guys can help us find bugs or other improvements.

    Some teasers from the current version:

    Login, activity feed and Experts

    Media, Pictures, Videos

    Portrait -Title & badge

    I hope this gives some insight about the progress on the new Portal! Feel free to ask questions.

    Also, It is amazing to see the community is still eagerly awaiting the new Portal! Thank you all! :)

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