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Thanks JM, I have had to replace the straight ones for wet trim so I have at least 2 around here. I am sure I put them someplace special so I wont loose them, maybe I was even smart enough to put them in the box with the trimmer but I doubt it. I know the wife didnt move them because she still has all her fingers. 
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happy days r here again cong s on the seeds ..
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Good looks 
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California Orange is one of my faves!! I will have t grow it again soon!! Mine stretched like crazy during flower so tie her down good!! or do a SCROG!!
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Just got my new seeds can't wait to see results California orange bud and raspberry cough.
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The Guilty Goose

The Goose that ate the Blue Dream by Nirvana.
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I'm so mad, I planted some Blue Dream and was really looking forward to a great harvest. That won't be happening, our goose went through all my planters and ate the seeds. I am thinking about having goose for dinner.
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Just topped them a second time the other day and they have already bounced back pretty good I have one k2 th ty own in there to make it an even 6
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healthy looking plants once again hulk

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After about 12 weeks of flowering inside. Plants were mover outside and quickly shot up from the top. The image shows leggy growth in the last 5-6 inches. New small flowers are present so it's not reverting to veg growth. Should they be harvested now? Are older buds likely degrading?No change except moving outside. Light cycle is about the same(12 hr)
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why did u do that ???  would just like 2 know ....