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  • The new policy & a new Portal
    Posted by Raoul May 9

    Hey there fellow WeedPortal members!
    We haven’t been around much lately.. that’s because we are working hard on the next version of Weedportal with new features like creating your own Grow Journal. It’s shaping up nicely - but it’s still a crap ton of work so please stick with us a little bit more.

    As for the state of current WeedPortal. Yeah… we know it’s rough…. The current WeedPortal was outsourced to a professional spaghetti-makers. Sadly this also means we cannot fix a lot of the problems without spending a hell of a lot of time fixing spaghetti code.

    We made up our mind and decided to spend our valuable time into making a new WeedPortal from scratch instead of beating up a dead horse. That’s the reason why you don’t see any major updates or whatsoever on the current WeedPortal.
    We haven’t given up on WeedPortal!

    It’s been clear there has been some confusion about points, vouchers and ranking. This could have been avoided if the set of rules weren’t so obscure.

    Below are two links to help clarify the confusion:

    Finally, we don’t approve of harassment in any form. We invision WeedPortal as a relaxed and friendly community about growing and consuming herbs. Following several incidents on WeedPortal made us adjust our policies and added a new Terms of Use and Code of Conduct section.

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