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  • paperscratcher Freaking White Widow exploding! Got my new tent today too! New pics tomorrow.
    July 8
  • DutchLoverLimbo322 Well shit my papaya got pollinated, week 2 of flower , seed pods about 20 on hole plant and counting . Fucking hell . did not wash my hands once and Boom Dick in your Ass (R) ~~
    August 6
  • BogieMan Hi everyone... I'm a complete newb so please forgive me for being so dumb... I've read some and have some lighting questions. I've asked a couple questions with only one response which was helpful but not about the lighting... I will be growing no more than 4 plants in a 5 and a half foot high 10x10 dirt floor room wilt block walls on three sides and dirt onthe back with an opening all the way across the back 2-3 foot high that is the craw space to my house What type and wattage lights should I consider? Thanks in advance...
    May 30
  • stick I didn't realize that when you send photo's through personal messages to a member thinking you are only sharing with them,that it also goes in your photo's so anyone can look at it copy etc...This is a flaw in your site that needs to be fixed. There is no personal anything on this site...I won't make this mistake again.. If you don't won't photo's of personal nature on here,you should remove them from my photo storage.
    July 9
  • Tucker Instagram: Dirtywork13 Check it out if you are bored!
    August 12
  • GrowNerd420 Hey everyone, I have couple young plants, 16 days from seed and very close to growing the 5th node. I'm kinda wondering, what is the earliest (in days) you have topped a plant and/or what is the lowest node you have topped? I'm thinking about topping both at the fourth today or tomorrow leaving 3 nodes, or letting them go to the fifth and topping, leaving 4 nodes. I'd like to work with a 4 way LST as seen in GWE but I'm just curious what you guys do, regardless of training style.
    August 13
  • pipeman69 Fuck OJ!!!
    July 21

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