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  • Vonn so this is how the universe works for me, I'm driving to stock up on some sunset sherbet and white Rhino and on the way back my transmission starts slipping gears..not good. made it home. now today my new vape pen comes in. so now I can work on my car and Medicate. I'm in a positive mood. wonder why ;)
    September 18
  • justme How does super skunk do? Is it wirortb my time? I upgradr to a rent, 10000 watt from a 400 watt, and co2.
    June 18
  • caiman Caimans spends much of their time basking on mudflats or in sunlit, muddy jungle streams.
    February 28
  • greengrower PUBLIC SEVICE ANNOUNCEMENT be on the look out for bud rot. I was tending to mg last flowering lady and noticed a tiny bit of white in a crease. I spread it open, to my horror i found fluffy white mold. I cut the hugh cola off immediately. I opened it up more , it was solid mold inside. I hope the rest will be fine. I dont know if it was the cooler temps. Guess its back to GWE COM to get some learning. Shouldve taken some pics but it didnt occur to me until it was in the trash. It was my biggest bud too. I recently posted a pic of it, it was a two fister now its trash.
    September 17
  • PH4RM4 Little weird when 42 online..10 members and 32 guests...?
    September 18
  • btdrc1 I asked about the possibility I might have grown an ElDorado cross yesterday. I show pictures today of this cross and three other plants
    September 22

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